The Open Payment Operations Platform

A unified platform to consolidate, automate, scale and monitor payment operations for any business, ISO, or financial institution.

OpenTransact is currently invite only.

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Accelerate Time-to-Market

Access your business’ full potential by offering more payment options quickly, securely and without requiring in-house payments expertise.

  • Developer Support & Common Platform SDKs

    Integrate quickly without having to deal with archaic banking systems. OpenTransact’s APIs are modern and developer support is conveniently available via Slack or email.

  • A Single Unified Integration

    Connect any payment method, provider, acquirer, or third-party services to your OpenTransact account and send payments to any available processing service without updating your integration.

  • Reliable and Secure

    From PCI-DSS to NACHA to PSD2, OpenTransact is configurable to satisfy local regulations and safeguard your customer data no matter the payment type or regions.

Model Any Transaction Workflow

Let OpenTransact handle all the technical complexity of your payments setup.

  • Connect Multiple Gateways

    Implement OpenTransact once and reduce developer workload required to maintain multiple integrations. Data is synchronized across gateways in real time offering optionality and flexibility across processors.

  • Robust Yet Simple Rules Engine

    Optimize payment processing costs and protect your business from fraud and compliance risk by mapping how payment data is validated and processed. OpenTransact’s rules engine can trigger actions based on any data your application sends, or on any data attribute supplied by a third-party integration.

  • Load Balancing, Failover & Regional Routing

    Use OpenTransact’s rules engine to easily distribute payment volume amongst multiple card processors or banks to ensure continuity of business, pricing leverage, and region specific payment networks.

Automate Risk Management & Compliance

Expand your business but not your risk.

  • Minimize PCI scope

    Minimize PCI scope by collecting, encrypting and vaulting sensitive data at OpenTransact and using disposable, non-sensitive tokens when communicating with downstream services.

  • Easily Add Third-Party KYC and Risk Management Services

    OpenTransact already connects to industry standard risk management, KYC and account validation services like Microbilt and IDology. Customize your setup with a preferred provider. We will handle the integration for you.

  • Combine the Best Tools & Data to Minimize Costs and Business Risk

    By combining smart rules and custom workflows with integrated risk and fraud management services, OpenTransact can help detect fraudulent transactions before they are processed, saving time, cost and potential loss of service.

Connect any External Service

Need to integrate to a payment gateway, data validation service, or identity provider?

We are probably already integrated, but if not the OpenTransact platform is designed to easily and rapidly add additional third-party services and APIs. Let our team quickly bring your preferred services on board.

Payment Providers

The OpenTransact platform is 100% agnostic and open to processing any payment method at any payment provider. Use your existing banking and processing relationships or source new providers within the platform. Accept or make payments using any method your business needs to transact with including: Credit Cards, ACH, SEPA, Faster Payments, Cash Network Payments, Paper Checks, Remotely Created Checks, and more.

Data Providers

Enhance customer profiles, query decision engines, or augment identity and age verification information for use in your payment processing workflow using any third-party data provider. Feed info into the OpenTransact rules engine to trigger approvals, and declines or specific payment routing instructions without writing a single line of code.

Notification Providers

Drive messages to your staff in live chat, send customer notifications, trigger alerts, or sync external systems using OpenTransact's connected notification providers. Easily trigger specific notifications using the OpenTransact activity stream and the OpenTransact rules engine.

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